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who is Chavon shree?

Designer // Chavon S. Fortson
Chavon working behind the scene at a fashion show.

The Arkansan native and introvert, Chavon Shree has always been a creative person, but one Home Economics class in the 6th grade made her open her mind to the fashion world. The fact that she was learning to make pillowcases and pajama pants with just a simple pattern was just so exciting. While growing up her mom would sometimes use DIY sewing projects as punishments whenever she got in trouble which were not really punishments at all. To tap more into her fashion side after graduating high school Chavon enrolled into the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and majored in Apparel Studies. Here she learned more about the business and marketing side of fashion with a few hands on classes. Once she graduated Chavon thought she would just jump right into designing, doing shows, photo shoots, etc. but the real world came in strong and she needed a job. So she started working in corporate america and became a textile specialist. This job let her know that corporate america was not for her. She was thankful for the job because she definitely needed it at the time but feeling like a robot and going over the same reports for children clothing (out of all departments she had to work in the children's department) and if you don’t know children clothing has so many aspects you have to test and check. While working in corporate america Chavon was still coming home and feeding her passion of becoming a fashion designer, so many nights consisted of staying up until 3am working on her designing skills and being back at work at 7:30am.  After a year and 4 months Chavon said “Good-bye” to corporate america and took a leap of faith and started pursing “Chavon Shree” full time. With the help of her now amazing husband and the support of some awesome friends it was definitely a scary/happy transition but one that was well worth it. Now today Chavon Shree has grown into the line Chavon loves. The aesthetic of Chavon Shree is Modern Hippie Street-wear and many of the inspirations come from places she travels, fabric shopping and sunrises/sunsets. 

Designer // Chavon S. Fortson at an art/fashion event.
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